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IQOS Iluma Standard Bright Limited Edition In Dubai

450 د.إ

Benefits of IQOS Iluma Standard Bright

  • Reduced Harm: One of the primary advantages of IQOS Iluma Standard Bright. Is the significant reduction in harm compared to traditional smoking. By heating, not burning, tobacco, it eliminates the harmful effects of tar. Carbon monoxide, providing a less risky alternative for adult smokers.
  • Less Odor: Unlike traditional cigarettes, IQOS Iluma Standard Bright produces less odor. Making it a more discreet and acceptable choice for those who enjoy tobacco.
  • Real Tobacco Taste: IQOS Iluma Standard Bright offers a genuine tobacco taste. Without the harshness of smoke. You can enjoy the flavor you love. Without the unpleasant side effects of traditional smoking.
  • No Ash or Smoke: With no ash or smoke, there is no need for ashtrays. Making IQOS Iluma Standard Bright a cleaner. More convenient option for tobacco enthusiasts.